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Part of our challenge is our customers’ working environment. It is this that makes our products Picsara and MedSpeech unique.

We have developed these two products with our customers working environment in mind and as a result we deliver simple, effective solutions to complex problems. For example allowing many users to manipulate and store images in a central database or send voice files from clinicians to medical secretaries with complete control and security within a hospital IT network.

On the surface what is considered to be simple has taken our technical team of engineers a decade to develop.
Development takes place using the latest Microsoft tools
and our products can be both client based and server based.

We have a complete understanding of the market’s standards such as for example DICOM, HL7, XML etc. As a result we consider ourselves as experts within the field of integration into other clinical systems.

Our products are sold through local distributors and in special cases can be sold under other labels (OEM sales).

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