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MedSpeech is a software product specifically designed for digital dictation in a healthcare environment. The software has been developed with focus on patient security, superior workflow and speed.

 It has the ability to support large volumes of dictations and simultaneous users. With more than 20,000 active users, MedSpeech, has become the most common system for digital dictation within the Swedish healthcare system. As a result the software is used in over 100 hospitals and primary care centres.

MedSpeech presents the clinician with two different methods of dictation. One is digital dictation with transcription, the other is Speech Recognition. Speech Recognition converts the recorded dictation directly into text, eliminating the need for manual transcription. MedSpeech integrates the speech recognition capabilities of the Nuance Speech Recognition technology SpeechMagic

It is the healthcare institution themselves who choose which of the methods are to be used. During 2007 MedSpeech underwent a @UserAward certification process where three random MedSpeech installations in Sweden were evaluated. The feedback from the end-users was overwhelming, specifically pointing out the ease of use and superior functionality.


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