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Grabadoc quickly solves an increasing healthcare requirement for digitalising, managing and archiving paper documents. This is done by offering fully integrated solutions into existing EPR/HIS/PAS systems. By integrating with hospital systems the system complements the functionality of the clinical information system by capturing and archiving patient information securely.

Grabadoc offers three workflow scenarios for document digitalisation:

1. Desktop Scanner
Digitalisation of the paper document is done via an existing workstation within the hospital that is connected to a desktop scanner. Grabadoc is launched from within the EPR/HIS.

2. Multi Functional Printer (MFP)
Multi Functional Printers (MFP) can be used. The user is identified by using a 2D-bar code and the Grabadoc application scans and matches the document with the correct patient record.

3. Documents captured from the workstation
Digital documents that are already available in a digital format and are stored on the standalone workstations can also be made easily available in the EPR/HIS. Digital documents can also be imported via a virtual printer.


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