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Mawell acquires Euromed Networks


Mawell, a fast-growing Nordic healthcare and

welfare IT company, has acquired Euromed Networks, a leader in the development and sale of professional digital-imaging, video, document-management and dictation systems for the healthcare market.

The Mawell Board of Directors has unanimously decided to propose an extra shareholder meeting on the 12th of April to acquire 100 % of the shares of Euromed Networks.

In 2007 Euromed started to expand internationally within the Nordic region and the United Kingdom. Since 2008 Euromed has had a sales office in London and has gained customers in United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, India and Singapore.

“Today Mawell is a leading supplier of expertise and solutions in the fields of medical imaging, IT and health counselling in the Nordic region, and is running major projects in all the Nordic countries,” says Jan E. Larsson, Managing Director of Mawell. “Our acquisition of Euromed will make us the market leader in the Nordic region in the field of medical imaging and strengthen our combined ability to provide eHealth expertise and solutions,” he continues.

“The synergies are obvious, and Mawell’s size secures our expansion and our ability to produce larger and improved customer solutions throughout the Nordic region,” comments Bo Eklund, Managing Director of Euromed Networks. “With Mawell’s strong and highly respected consultancy organisation, we will be better placed to help our customers with projects and deliveries, and our joint sales organisation will span the entire Nordic region,” he concludes.

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